What's new in the SiPass plugin 3.2 - SiPass 3.2

SiPass Plugin Guide 3.2

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SiPass 3.2
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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The SiPass plugin 3.2 is an access control integration for Security Center 5.6 SR4.

The following features and enhancements are available:

  • Cameras can be assigned to SiPass inputs so that you can view video related to events or alarms raised by an input.

  • All manual override actions in the SiPass system are now available in Security Desk by right-clicking the SiPass entity in Security Desk.
  • A new report, SiPass activity trails, provides an audit log of actions performed on SiPass entities in Security Center.

  • A new report, SiPass generic events, provides an audit log of general events that occurred in the SiPass Integrated software. These events are related to the SiPass system and users.
  • SiPass entity events and generic events are now displayed in the language that is configured on the plugin server.