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To monitor individual terminals, you add them as entities in Security Center.

Before you begin

  • Add your point-of-sale system in Security Center.
  • From the parser's connection configuration page, obtain the tenant ID and location ID of the terminals, and confirm that the location is added to the terminal ID.
  • If the parser includes the location ID in the terminal ID field, then the location ID field must be provided for each terminal.

What you should know

The plugin role must be online to add a terminal.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Click Add an entity and select Cash register.
    A terminal entity () appears in the Area view task.
  3. Select the terminal from the entity browser, then click on the Properties tab.
  4. If the parser includes the location in the terminal ID, in the Location ID field, enter a unique identifier for the store or region.
  5. If the parser excludes the location from the terminal ID, you can leave the Location ID field empty.
  6. In the Terminal ID field, enter the identifier of the cash register.
    NOTE: Each terminal must have a unique terminal ID.
  7. Click Apply.