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The Transaction Finder plugin includes the following new features.

Creating custom widget templates and aliases for transaction fields
The installation package for Transaction Finder includes the Transaction Templates plugin, which allows you to create custom transaction widgets and aliases for transaction fields. The Transaction Templates plugin requires the creation of its own plugin role.
Case-sensitive search queries
You can now use case matching when conducting search queries in the Transactions and Item transactions tasks.
Improved sorting options in transaction reporting tasks
In transaction reporting tasks, you can now sort items by their transaction values. In Transactions reports, you can sort by total amount. In Item transactions reports, you can sort by total amount, discount amount, item amount, item total amount, or sales tax amount.
Search by item count
In the Transactions task, you can now search for transactions by the quantity of items matching specific conditions.
Transaction indicator video overlay in transaction reports
When you review video of a transaction in Security Desk, the tile displays an overlay to indicate when the transaction that you are reviewing is occurring.
Terminal creation improvements
Terminals are now created automatically by the plugin. In addition, when creating terminals, the plugin will now verifies that the same terminal ID hasn't been added twice.
Automatically create unmapped terminals
Terminals that haven't been mapped in the system, but are currently sending data to the plugin, can now be automatically created in Security Center.
Transaction data can now be retained for up to 24 months
The maximum data retention period has been increased from 12 months to 24 months.
Set the Elasticsearch disk storage thresholds (disk watermark) via the plugin
You can now configure the disk storage thresholds that trigger protection behaviours in Elasticsearch through the plugin. This also includes the automatic blocking and unblocking of the Elasticsearch index when the disk space crosses the Elasticsearch flood stage disk watermark.
Updated Elasticsearch package
Transaction Finder installs and uses Elasticsearch as a data source. The included version has been updated to version 7.16.2.
New Gateway API parser
The Gateway API parser allows custom parsers to connect to the Transaction Finder plugin.