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To view transactions that have taken place in your point-of-sale system, you can create custom transaction reports in Security Desk. There are two reports available: The Transactions report and the Item transactions report.

What you should know

Reports display the information received from the terminal. Each POS system differs in how information is categorized and what fields are named.

Watch this 45-second video clip for an overview of the transactions reports.


  1. From the Security Desk home page, open the relevant Transaction Finder report. Your choices are:
    • Transactions
    • Item transactions
  2. In the Entities section, select the point-of-sale system or cash registers from which you want to obtain transaction data.
  3. In the Filters section, add your search conditions.
  4. In the Time range section, select the period that you would like to report.
  5. Click Generate report.
    The data appears in the report pane. For a description of the fields listed in the report, see Data types in Transaction Finder reports.
  6. Double-click a transaction to display associated video and transactions in the widget.


Tip: You can change the order of the columns. To do this, select and drag a column to a different location in the report. Make sure to save your customized report with a new name by right-clicking the report title tab and selecting Save as.