Adding EIZO ONVIF cameras to a video wall - Video Wall 3.1

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ONVIF cameras are custom entities created using the Video Wall plugin in Security Center. You can use these entities to control the cameras directly from the monitor, to use the PTZ controls of the camera, for example.

What you should know

  • EIZO ONVIF cameras are custom entities used to represent ONVIF video cameras that are not enrolled in Security Center.
  • When placed onto a layout, the camera information is pushed directly to the EIZO video wall.
  • EIZO ONVIF cameras are metadata entities that only work with the Video Wall plugin.
  • EIZO ONVIF camera video streams cannot be viewed in Security Center.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. In the Area view task, click Add an entity (), and select EIZO ONVIF camera.
  3. In the Create EIZO ONVIF camera window, configure the following fields:
    Enter a name for the camera.
    IP address
    Enter the IP address of the camera.
    Enter the port number.
    Username and password
    Enter the credentials used to log onto the camera.
    Unicast or Multicast
    Select whether you want the camera to stream in unicast or in multicast.
  4. Click Add and close.


The EIZO ONVIF camera is listed in the entity browser.