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Barco CMS Plugin Guide 4.2

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Barco CMS

Integrating a Barco CMS system in Security Center consists of a series of steps that need to be followed in sequence.

Step Description Where to find more information
Learn about the release
1 Read the release notes. Learn about any known issues, limitations, supported software, and other information about this release of the plugin.
Deploy and configure your Barco CMS system
2 Make sure that your Barco CMS system is operating as required by your organization, and that all of its devices are operating as expected and available in Barco CMS. For instructions, refer to the Barco CMS documentation.
Configure your video streams
3 Configure the High resolution stream in Config Tool for all the cameras you want to display on the video wall. Configuring video streams for the Barco display
Install the plugin
4 Verify that your Security Center license has a valid certificate for the Barco CMS plugin. From the Config Tool home page, click About > Certificates to confirm that Barco CMS is on the list.
  • The license number is included in the product-release email sent by Genetec Inc. This email also includes links to the plugin download package and other license information.
  • If you need to acquire a new license, refer to License options for the Barco CMS plugin.
5 If you have an older version of the Barco CMS plugin, upgrade to version 4.2. Upgrading to the Barco CMS plugin 4.2
6 On the Security Center server, download the plugin and install it. Downloading and installing the Barco CMS plugin
Configure the plugin
7 In Config Tool, create the Barco CMS plugin role. Creating the Barco CMS plugin role
8 Connect Security Center to the Barco CMS server. Configuring the Barco CMS plugin role
9 Configure camera blocking users to set the security user level required to view blocked camera streams on the Barco wall. Selecting a camera blocking user
10 Grant user privileges specific to the Barco CMS plugin to users. Granting user privileges to use the Barco CMS plugin
11 Select which users can manage Barco displays. Authorizing users to manage Barco displays
12 Ensure that the video units you are using have video compression mappings. You can modify the CompressionMappings.xml file to include missing mappings. Editing the CompressionMappings.xml file
13 (Optional) Configure the advanced settings for the plugin from Config Tool and in the AdvancedSettings.xml file.
Configuring display layouts in the Security Desk Barco CMS task
14 Create and add Perspectives to Barco displays.
15 Add sources to Perspectives.
16 (Optional) Modify Barco display layouts.
Investigate user activity in the Barco CMS plugin
17 (Optional) Using the Barco CMS activities task in Security Desk, generate user activity reports. Investigating user-related activity with the Barco CMS activities task
Configuring Decorators from Config Tool
18 Create decorator templates to apply to shared sources.
19 Create decorator groups so you can apply multiple decorators to a source at the same time.
20 Assign a decorator group to a source before it is shared on a Perspective. Assigning a decorator group to a source
Configuring Decorators from the Security Desk Barco CMS task
21 Apply Decorators to sources.
NOTE: The Decorators you select in Barco CMS task are copies of the decorator templates created in Config Tool. You can modify and delete these decorator instances without affecting the templates they are copied from.
22 Apply multiple Decorators to a source at the same time using the decorator groups you created in Config Tool.