Applying SALTO permissions to cardholder credentials - SALTO Virtual Network 3.2

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.2

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SALTO Virtual Network 3.2
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For cardholders to have specific access to doors and lockers, you must apply SALTO permissions to their credential.

Before you begin

Assign a key or mobile credential to the cardholder.

What you should know

You cannot apply SALTO Hospitality credentials to a Security Center cardholder.


  1. In Config Tool or Security Desk, open the Cardholder management task.
  2. Double-click a cardholder profile.
  3. In the Salto section, select the SALTO permissions that you want to apply to the credentials.
    Override privacy
    Enables cardholders to unlock a door or locker that is in privacy mode.
    Override lockdown
    Enables cardholders to unlock a door or locker that is in lockdown mode.
    Set lockdown
    Enables cardholders to put a door or locker in lockdown mode.
    If office mode is in use, a cardholder with permission to open the door must enter the building before all other cardholders. After the initial card swipe, the door remains unlocked.
    Use antipassback
    Prevents a cardholder from entering an area that they have not yet exited from.
    Super user
    Enables a cardholder to unlock a door or locker without entering a PIN.
    Enable credential revalidation
    Cardholders must revalidate their credential at a SALTO reader within the defined revalidation period. Otherwise, the credential stops working. When a key credential is assigned, this option is selected by default.
  4. Enter the maximum period that the cardholder has to revalidate their credential at a SALTO reader.
    • In the Revalidation period field, enter a number.
    • From the Revalidation period's unit list, select Hours or Days.
  5. Enter the authorization codes associated to the cardholder.
    NOTE: Authorization codes are codes read by long distance readers. For example, the code on the parking sticker of a car that is scanned when entering a parking lot.
  6. Click Save and close.


The SALTO permissions are applied to the credential.