Custom events added by the SALTO Virtual Network plugin - SALTO Virtual Network 3.2

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The SALTO Virtual Network plugin adds custom events to Security Center. These events can be used as query filters in activity reports or to create event-to-actions.

IMPORTANT: If these events are not displayed in the Custom events list in Config Tool, the plugin is not installed on the local computer.
Event in Source system Custom event Source entity Description
End of door left opened End of door left opened (Salto) Door or locker A SALTO door that was left open has been closed.
End of tamper End of tamper (Salto) Door or locker A door or locker that did not respond because of tampering is now back online.
Intrusion Intrusion (Salto) Door or locker An intrusion on a SALTO door or locker has been detected.
End of intrusion End of intrusion (Salto) Door or locker The intrusion on the SALTO door or locker is no longer detected.
Low battery level Low battery level (Salto) Door or locker The battery level of the SALTO door or locker is low.