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Before you create a SALTO Virtual Network plugin role in Config Tool, you must ensure that the plugin has a secure connection with its database.

What you should know

  • This task is optional but is highly recommended.
  • When you create a SALTO Virtual Network plugin role in Config Tool, the plugin does not support the Encrypt connections option to be configured. You must manually enforce encryption to protect data in transit.
  • This encryption is configured on SQL Server Configuration Manager and affects all databases on SQL server instance.
  • If the encryption is not configured, then ensure that the plugin, its database and the SALTO system are all on the same closed network.


  1. From the SQL Server Configuration Manager, select and expand SQL Server Network Configuration.
  2. Right-click Protocols for <SQL_instance> and select Properties.
    Tip: <SQL_instance> is the SQL server hosting the SALTO Virtual Network plugin database.
  3. Under the Flags tab, set Force Encryption to Yes.
  4. Click Ok and restart the SQL Server service.


SALTO Virtual Network plugin is configured with an encrypted connection with its database.