Changing the access card format of your SALTO Virtual Network role - SALTO Virtual Network 3.2

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If you need to change the card format currently assigned to your SALTO credentials, you must delete the SALTO plugin role, and then recreate and configure the plugin role with the correct card format.

What you should know

When you delete the plugin role, Security Center configurations that cannot be pushed to the SALTO devices are lost. This includes:
  • Actions
  • Camera associations
  • Area and partition configurations
Depending on your system, there might be more lost configurations.


  1. As a precaution, back up your plugin database and Directory database. For more information, see Backing up databases.
  2. Take screenshots of your plugin configuration settings.
  3. Deactivate the SALTO plugin role. For more information, see Deactivating and activating roles.
  4. In the entity browser, right-click the Salto plugin and select Delete, then click Continue.
  5. Create the SALTO plugin role.
  6. Select the card format.
  7. Connect the plugin role to the SALTO SHIP server.
  8. Synchronize the system.


All credentials have the new format.
NOTE: Recreating the plugin role generates duplicates of the configured access rules and door associations.