Enabling and disabling polling and event logs for the UTC Advisor Master and Advanced extension - UTC Advisor Master and Advanced 3.0

UTC Advisor Master and Advanced Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.0

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UTC Advisor Master and Advanced 3.0
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UTC Advisor Master and Advanced

When you are troubleshooting issues with a specific UTC Advisor Master and Advanced panel in Security Center, and you are working with our technical support team, you can enable the unit's logs. These logs trace the polling messages and events for the unit.

What you should know

  • Logs of events shows the state of the inputs and outputs on the panel.
  • Large log files can slow down the computer. Only enable these logs when adding new panels or if you are experiencing issues integrating the panels in Security Center. When all issues are resolved, disable the logs.
  • By default, logs are saved to $\Program Files (x86)\Genetec Security Center 5.7\Logs.
  • If you want to view the logs in the Server Admin console, you must activate the logs.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. Expand the Intrusion Manager role from the entity browser, and then select the intrusion detection unit you want to configure.
  3. On the Unit tab, move the slider to ON for the following:
    Polling log
    Logs all polling requests and panel replies.
    Events log
    Logs all commands sent to the panel and all events reported by the panel.
  4. When the integration works as expected, disable the logs to reduce the load on your server.