Configuring connection parameters of a UTC Advisor Master and Advanced unit - UTC Advisor Master and Advanced 3.0

UTC Advisor Master and Advanced Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 3.0

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UTC Advisor Master and Advanced 3.0
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UTC Advisor Master and Advanced

If changes were made to the connection settings of a panel, your intrusion detection unit in Security Center will be disconnected. To reconnect, you must update the connection parameters on the Unit page.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  2. Expand the Intrusion Manager role from the entity browser, and then select the intrusion detection unit you want to configure.
  3. On the Unit tab, configure the following:
    IP address
    The IP address configured on the panel.
    The TCP/IP port by the extension and the panel to communicate commands and events.The default TCP port is 5506.
    Panel address
    For Master (Classic) panels, this is the unique ID that is configured on the panel. Usually this is a one-digit number, but can be up to four digits. For Advanced panels, leave this field set to 0.
    Code or Password/PIN
    This is the password required for remote access to the panel.
    For Master (Classic) panels, the code is 10 digits. The default is 0000000000.
    For Advanced panels, the code is 24 digits The default is 000000000000000000000000.
    (Advanced panels only) Enter the 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) used for remote access to the panel. The default is 1278.
  4. Click Apply.