How CCURE 9000 events are mapped in Security Center - CCURE 3.6

CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.6

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CCURE 9000 events are mapped to Security Center alarm entities and to native events or custom events.

During synchronization with the CCURE 9000 system, all CCURE 9000 events are created in Security Center as both events (native or custom) and alarms.

When a CCURE 9000 event that requires acknowledgment occurs, the matching Security Center alarm is triggered. When a CCURE 9000 event does not require acknowledgment, the matching Security Center event is triggered.

The following table lists the CCURE 9000 event that are mapped to native Security Center events. When a native event does not correspond, the CCure event is created in Security Center as a custom event.

NOTE: These mapping cannot be modified.
CCURE 9000 Security Center
Message type Source State code Event Source entity
Area activity Area One occupant Area first man in Area
Area empty Area last man out
Area clear counts People count reset
Card admitted Door, Elevator Admit Access granted Cardholder, Door, Elevator, Area
Admit no personnel
Admit unknown
Complex CHUID
Direction in
Direction out
Door unused
Ext reader status msg
Group access
PIN only access
Card rejected Personnel, Door, Elevator Card disabled Access denied - Inactive credential Cardholder, Door, Elevator, Area
Card status
Not activated
Expired Access denied - Expired credential
No PIN Access denied - Valid card, inactive PIN
WAS unknown PIN Access denied - Invalid PIN
Unknown PIN
Passback Access denied - Antipassback violation
Timed anti-passback
Lost Access denied - Lost credential
Stolen Access denied - Stolen credential
Unknown card Access denied - Unknown credential
Intrusion zone activity Intrusion zone Intrusion zone armed Intrusion detection area master armed Intrusion detection area
Intrusion zone force armed
Intrusion zone disarmed Intrusion detection area disarmed
Intrusion zone violated Intrusion detection area alarm activated
Intrusion zone violated clear Intrusion detection area canceled alarm
Intrusion zone error Intrusion zone Intrusion zone violated Intrusion detection area alarm activated Intrusion detection area
Object state changed XFEvent Active Alarm triggered Alarm
Inactive Alarm acknowledged
Controller Communication restored Unit connected Unit, Intrusion unit
Communication failure Unit lost
iSTAR battery low Unit battery fail
iSTAR onboard battery low
Low battery
Power failure Unit AC fail
AC power failure
Tamper Intrusion detection unit tamper
Tamper abnormal
Door Door closed Door closed Door
Door open Door opened
Locked Door locked
Door lock by link
Door lock by operator
Door unlock by operator Door unlocked
Momentary unlock
Door unlock
Door lock unsecure
Door lock open
Door left open Door open too long
Door held
Door switch shorted Door tamper
Door switch cut
Door forced Door opened while lock secure
Door lock tamper Door tamper
Request to exit Door Rex on
Input Active Input State Active/Door Rex On Input
Inactive Input State Inactive/Door Rex Off