Creating a destination group - KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0

KONE Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.0.0

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KONE Destination Dispatch 3.0
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KONE Destination Dispatch

A destination group is a group of floor markings that are available to a group of tenants. For example, if a company is using three floors in a 10-floor building, you would create a destination group entity that encompasses these three floors and can be managed in the Elevator security levels task.

What you should know

  • Access rules for floors that are defined on the destination group are inherited by floor markings.
  • Default access behavior, access levels, and overrides that are applied to destination groups can be inherited by floor markings.


  1. From the home page in Config Tool, open the Area view task.
  2. Click Add an entity (), and select Destination group.
    A destination group is added to the entity browser.
  3. Select the destination group from the entity browser, and enter the following:
    A name to identify the destination group in Security Center.
    Optional information about the destination group.
    Logical ID
    Unique number assigned to the entity to easily identify the destination group.
  4. In the list of Relationships, click to add the areas, access rules, floor markings, and actions that are related to the destination group.


Access schedules and overrides for destination groups, and the floor markings within destination groups, can be managed in the Elevator security levels task.