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The Vehicle search report offers optional filters that you can add or remove as required.

The following filters are available.
Time range
Search for activities within a specified time range.
All activities performed today.
During the last
Activities performed during the last x minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years.
Specific dates
Activities performed within a specific date and time range.
Plate number
Enter a license plate number. To enter multiple license plates or search partial plates, see About using license plate filter.
Plate state
Select the plate state or province to investigate.
Specify a speed limit you want to investigate. The possible options are:
Faster than
All vehicles traveling faster than the specified speed.
Slower than
All vehicles traveling slower than the specified speed.
All reads with speed values within the specified range.
Specify a street, city, borough, county, state or country you want to investigate.
NOTE: If you enter more than two words to represent a location, you should put the words between double quotes. For example, if you want to search for ALPR events in New York, enter "New York" in the location filter.
Vehicle color
Select the vehicle color you want to investigate.
Vehicle type
Select a vehicle type you want to investigate.
Vehicle make
Select a vehicle make you want to investigate.
Select the hotlists you want to investigate.
Select the cameras you want to investigate.