Monitoring all active manual actions in the CCURE 9000 system - CCURE 3.7

CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.7.0

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The Active manual actions task is an operation task in Security Desk that you can use to view and cancel any active causes on CCURE doors and CCURE alarms.

What you should know

  • To get the latest events, the task must be refreshed.
  • Only the CCURE manual actions are listed in the Active manual actions task. These actions are displayed in the Causes windows, and include: activate, deactivate, latch, unlatch, toggle, and pulse events. The Security Center actions related to door entities, such as lock, are listed in the Door activities task.
  • The Active manual actions task is added to Security Desk when the CCURE Access Control plugin is installed on your client workstation.
  • Active Manual Actions task is only applied to CCURE alarms and doors.
  • Only the highest priority cause is shown.


To see a list of all active manual actions in the entire system:

  1. In Security Desk, open the Active manual actions task.
    The list shows the manual actions that are currently active.
  2. To get the update the list, click the Refresh button ().

(Optional) To configure the task to refresh automatically:

  1. From the Security Desk or Config Tool home page, click Options > CCURE 9000, slide the Refresh interval switch to ON, and then choose how often to refresh. The default refresh period is 30 seconds.


The following example compares how the Causes list and the Active Manual Actions list display active causes.

The Causes dialog box lists the three causes applied to the entity.

The Active Manual Actions report only lists the highest priority cause. The Count column indicates that there are three actions applied to the entity.