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To better support the operators, you can configure relevant documents to be automatically attached to incidents based on type, time and location of occurrence, and recipients. You can attach a document to the incident itself, or to a specific step within the standard operating procedure (SOP).

Before you begin


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Incident configuration task.
  2. Click the Document management view, and then click Add an item ().

  3. In the Document properties dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Click File, and enter the path to the document you want to add. The path is local to your Config Tool workstation.
    • Click URL, and enter the URL of a document on the web.
    Files are copied to the Genetec Mission Control™ document library where they remain available, but URLs only function if the external source remains available.
  4. Enter the Name and the Description (optional) of the document.
  5. Enter a new Tag or select an existing one.
    The document tag is only necessary if you need to attach the document to a step in an SOP. For more information, see Configuring standard operating procedures for Genetec Mission Control™.
  6. Configure the settings used to determine whether this document is attached to an incident.
    Attached documents appear in the Related documents section of the Incident tab in the dashboard. To attach this document to an incident, you must configure at least one of the following settings:
    Incident type
    The document is attached if the incident matches one of the configured incident types.
    The document is attached if the incident is triggered at a time covered by one of the configured schedules.
    The document is attached if the incident is occurring at one of the configured locations (areas).
    Child areas are not considered. If the document must also be attached because the incident occurs at some of the child locations, you must add them manually.
    User / User group
    The document is attached if the incident recipient matches one of the configured users or user groups.
    If multiple settings are configured, the incident must match them all in order for the document to be attached. The same criteria apply if the document is associated to a step of an SOP.
  7. Click Add.


A new row is added to the document list. If you added a file, a copy of that file is made and stored in the Genetec Mission Control™ library folder. Click the link in the Name column to view the document, or double-click the row to change the document properties.


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