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Door forced open events are common. In some locations, Door forced open events might need strict guidelines for investigation. You can provide your operators with dynamic SOPs that are compliant with guidelines but are flexible enough to adapt to real-time scenarios.

Considerations for Door forced open user procedure configuration

When incident management requires flexible procedures that direct the operators with steps of action based on operator response to previous steps, dynamic SOPs are the better choice. The advantage of using dynamic user procedures is twofold:
  • Integrators and administrators can define a sequence of steps to be followed in any given situation, thereby removing ambiguity in critical situations.
  • The system can adapt to real-time situations and react based on user response.
In this example, incident management follows one of two paths:
  • Determine whether the incident is a false positive. If so, resolve and close the incident.
  • If the incident requires investigation, call for the appropriate security team.

Dynamic user procedure for Door forced open incidents

To see if an event warrants an in-depth investigation, operators can quickly validate the event using the surveillance footage from the video unit at the incident location.

If the incident is not a false positive, you can setup the dynamic user procedure to guide the operator with a series of steps to resolve the incident.

At every stage of the user procedure, you can choose to force the operator's response.

The details entered by the operator are logged in the incident activity report which can be analyzed later.