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If an incident type is faulty or requires more testing, you can temporarily set its operational status to Testing or Not in service, so that your production system is not affected while you are troubleshooting the configuration.

What you should know

All incident types and categories are created as In service by default. You need the Modify incident types and categories operational status privilege to change the operational status of an incident type or category. If you change the operational status of an incident category, you change the operational status of all incident types under that category. All changes are logged in the incident type audit trails.


  1. In the Incident configuration task, select the Incident configuration view.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click an incident type or category, and click Operational status ().
    • Click an incident type or category, and click Operational status () at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select one of the following values:
    In service
    Select In service (default) if the incident type is ready to go into production. If an incident trigger is configured, the Rules Engine will automatically trigger the incidents when the conditions are met. All configured incident recipients can see the incidents when they are triggered.
    Select Testing if the incident type requires more testing. The incident name appears in orange everywhere it is displayed, and an orange cone () is superimposed on the incident icon. The Rules Engine continues to work the same way as when the incident type is in service, but only users who have the Monitor incidents set to test mode privilege can see the triggered incidents, whether they are configured as incident recipients or not. This allows you to test your incident type without having to alter its final configuration.
    Not in service
    Select Not in service if the incident type is partially configured or faulty. The incident name is displayed in red. The Rules Engine will ignore the incident trigger if one is defined. If Allow manual trigger is enabled, the incident type is removed from the Trigger incident menu, so no one can manually trigger this type of incident.


The change is applied immediately. Instances of the incident type that were triggered before the change are not affected.