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You can configure incident management workflows manage hot work incidents efficiently.

Automation workflow design considerations

For Hot work requests, it is unnecessary for the system to automatically detect and trigger the incident or follow multiple activity paths based on user input. There are only two actions that the system needs to perform after the incident is triggered by the operator:
  1. If the zone or area where the work is scheduled is armed, disarm the area or zone.
  2. Notify the administrators that hot work is in progress.

Automation workflow for Hot work incidents

The workflow for this incident can be as simple as two activities:
  1. Disarm zone
  2. Send an email

You can choose the list of recipients and the priority of the email message in the Send an email activity.

You can also choose to include details from the auto-complete options such as incident ID, category, SOP completion, and so on.

The operator's screen for Hot work incidents

In this example, the incident is configured to allow manual trigger, so the operator can trigger the incident directly on the map by right-clicking on the desired location and selecting Trigger incident. This opens the Trigger incident window, which gives the operator a list of incidents that can be triggered and the location. The operator can also enter comments that will be saved in the incident log.

Clearing the Allow non-validated steps option in the incident procedure configuration ensures that the operator executes all listed steps are in order and enters comments per step as required.

All operator and system actions are automatically logged by the system and can be exported for analysis if needed.