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The Rules Engine is the component of the Genetec Mission Control™ system that analyzes and correlates the events collected by Security Center, based on predefined rules. The Rules Engine uses these events to detect and trigger incidents in the Genetec Mission Control™ system.

The incident detection rules are configured as incident triggers.

The Rules Engine evaluates the incident triggers, both independently of each other and in parallel. This means that if incident A requires events E1 and E2 to occur to be triggered, and incident B requires events E1 and E3 to occur to be triggered, then if events E1, E2, and E3 occur in the system, both incidents A and B are triggered.

For a set of events to trigger an incident, the rules qualifying those events must be satisfied in the order in which they are defined in the trigger. For example, if an incident trigger is defined with the sequence of rules R1, R2, and R3, then rule R2 is evaluated only after rule R1 is satisfied, and rule R3 is evaluated only after rule R2 is satisfied. The incident is triggered only after all three rules are satisfied.

An incident triggering rule can have many event qualifiers. For rule defined with n event qualifiers, the rule is satisfied if one of the event qualifiers matches an event (logical OR). Both the event type and the event source must match an actual event in the system. If additional constraints are specified in the rule, the constraints must be satisfied as well.

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