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You can use Genetec Mission Control™ incident configuration to trigger and alert your operators to an attempt at unauthorized entry using an expired visitor's pass.

Considerations for Visitor pass expired incident configuration

A Visitor pass expired incident configuration must include the following:
Define the incident. Select an icon and color scheme that will immediately capture your operator's attention in the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk.
Set the initial priority of the incident. In this example, it is set to Low.

Set the maximum response time within which you want the operators to take action. You need your operators to respond immediately to this threat. Select the option to notify the Supervisors and incident recipients when this response time is not respected.

In this example, the initial recipients of Visitor pass expired incidents are the operators.
Visitor pass expired incidents do not require a manual trigger option. The trigger for this incident should be system generated. To configure automatic triggers for an Expired visitor pass incident do the following:
  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Incident configuration task, and select the incident that you want to configure.
  2. Click the Triggers tab.
  3. Click Add event.
  4. From the Events list, select Access denied: Expired credential and Access denied: Denied by access rule.
  5. Click Apply.
User procedure
In this scenario, user procedures must give the operator options depending on the situation in real-time. You can configure multiple options using dynamic SOPs.
Your incident automation workflow design must automate selected system activities to free up the operator's time to focus on the higher-priority incidents. In the Automation page of the incident, you can design the system workflow to adapt to the situation in real-time and direct incident resolution activities accordingly.
  • Automatic triggers to detect an expired visitor pass and trigger the incident.

User procedure for Visitor pass expired incidents

Incident management procedure for Visitor pass expired incidents should provide operators with steps of action to manage an active incident in one of the following scenarios:
  • The visitor is present at incident location.
  • The visitor is not present at incident location.
  • There is no active camera feed at incident location.
The procedure must adapt to the situation in real-time and guide the operator towards incident resolution for each of those three possibilities. You can do this using dynamic user procedure so the system and procedure can adapt to operator responses.
In this example Visitor pass expired incident, operators perform the following actions:
  1. Verify video feed in the card reader location where access was attempted.
  2. If the visitor is still present at the location, dispatch security personnel to escort them to the exit or to authorized personnel who can renew their pass.
  3. If the visitor is not present or the video feed is absent, send security to find the visitor and escort them out.

For more information on configuring visitor passes, see Security Center cardholders and visitors in Security Desk.