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You can configure incidents and workflows in Genetec Mission Control™ to prioritize the incident list in your operator's Incident monitoring task.

Automation workflow design considerations for a Zone maintenance incident

Your automation workflow design needs to account for all three time-frame possibilities listed in the dynamic SOP and a strategy to execute the right sequence of steps based on the operator's choice.

In this example, the Parallel tasks activity in the automation workflow includes three activity branches, one for each time-frame of maintenance work.

Each of these activity branches in the Parallel tasks activity includes the following workflow activities:
Wait for dynamic user procedure steps
Accept the operator's time-frame selection for maintenance work.
Change incident state
Change the incident state to Hold for the selected time frame.
Change priority
Change the priority of the incident to Low because the operator's intervention is not required for the selected time-frame.
Change description
Change the description of the incident to Zone maintenance complete when the incident is out of the On hold state.

In this example, the view filter for the Incident monitoring task, the operator's response to the dynamic SOP, and the incident automation workflow all work together to optimize incident management.

The operator's screen for a Zone maintenance incident

When the Zone maintenance incident is triggered, it is brought into the operator's view in the Incident monitoring task. The dynamic SOP prompts the operator for a selection on time-frame for the maintenance work. Based on the operator's selection, the system executes the appropriate activity branch in the Parallel tasks activity and puts the incident on hold.

When the incident state changes to On hold, the view filter in the Incident monitoring task automatically hides this incident from the operator's view.

After the preset time interval, the system changes the incident state from On hold state to one of the states in the view filter. The incident is brought back into the operator's view in the Incident monitoring task.