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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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Before you add a StreamEez-Pro unit to Security Center, you must install the StreamEez-Pro application and configure the unit for RTP streaming.

Before you begin

Install the StreamEez-Pro application on the machine where the StreamEez will be plugged in. See your Hauppauge documentation for more details.


  1. Open the StreamEez-Pro Dashboard and make a copy of the RTP default profile.
    1. Click Advanced > Streaming Service Profiles.
    2. Select RTP then click the Unlock button and click Yes to create a copy.
    3. Click Exit.
  2. On the Streaming Service Profiles tab, select the RTP Copy you just created and click the Unlock button.
  3. In the Destination Address field, enter the IP address of the primary Archiver on which the unit will be added.
  4. In the Destination Port field you can enter any UDP port that is not being used by the Archiver.
    For complete configuration details, please see your Hauppauge documentation.
  5. Add the unit to the Archiver in Security Center:
    1. Open the Video task, and select the appropriate Archiver.
    2. Click Add an entity () > Video unit .
    3. In the Manual add dialog box, select Hauppauge as the Manufacturer and StreamEez as the Product type.
    4. Beside IP address, enter the IP address of the machine that the StreamEez is plugged into.
    5. Beside UDP port, enter the same port that was configured in the StreamEez-Pro Dashboard.