Notes about optimizing the frame rate for Mobotix units - Security Center

Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

Security Center
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To attain the maximum frame rate, you should apply the following camera settings. Please note that some of these settings can reduce the image quality.

Live image (in the Quick Controls):

  • Manage Settings > Load Image Factory Defaults
  • Image Program > Fast

Setup Menu:

Image Control > General Image Settings
  • More > Frames per Second > Playback has Priority > Disabled.
  • Noise Filtering > Off
Exposure Settings
  • Frequency of Power Supply > No artificial light
General Event Settings
  • Arming > Off
  • Arming > Off
  • Full Image Recording > Off
NOTE: You will get the best frame rate for the RTP streams in Security Center if you are using the same settings for image size and JPEG quality as on the camera. When using a smaller image size or a lower quality in SC, the camera needs to scale down and recode the RTP stream which will reduce the frame rate.