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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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Note the following when using Pelco Sarix units in Security Center:

  • The video quality settings of the secondary stream are dependent on the primary stream. The video settings of the second stream cannot be changed without first setting the primary stream video settings to the desired values.
  • Motion detection settings depend on the resolution of the primary stream. If the resolution is changed, the Archiver will re-send the motion detection settings to the unit.
  • Configuring the Quality setting in the camera’s Video tab may have no effect on the unit.
  • The greyed-out fields in the camera’s Video tab (frame rate and resolution) may not display the values configured on the unit.
  • The maximum frame rate available changes depending on the bit rate and the resolution set in the Video tab.

PTZ preset tours for Pelco Sarix Spectra HD units

PTZ preset tours must be named “Endura X” using the unit’s web page where X represents the pattern number in Security Center. For example, a tour named “Endura 1” in the unit’s web page is available as Pattern 1 in the Security Desk Patterns menu.