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You can search for video analytics events that are recorded locally on Bosch video units, using the Forensic search report.

Before you begin

Prepare your Bosch units to record video analytics so that the events are searchable using the Forensic search task.

What you should know

To receive results in your report, the video analytics must be performed by the video unit itself, and the video and analytic metadata must be recorded locally on the unit (Internal hard drive, USB hard drive, Compact Flash memory, or iSCSI connected drive).

To use the Forensic search report, you do not require a particular license. At this time, only Bosch video units running Bosch IVA analytics are supported with this report.

NOTE: To search for video analytics events that were recorded by an Archiver, then use the Camera events report instead.


  1. Open Security Desk on a workstation that has the Bosch Video SDK installed.
  2. From the home page, open the Forensic Search task.
  3. In the Filters tab, set the Cameras query filter to select a camera to investigate.
    When a camera is selected, a live video preview is displayed.
  4. To reset the forensic configuration, click .
  5. To display or edit the forensic configuration, click .
  6. Set the Time range query filter to select a time range for the report.
  7. Click Generate report.
    The video analytics events are listed in the report pane.
  8. To show the corresponding video of an event in a tile, double-click or drag the item from the report pane to the canvas.
  9. To control the video recording, use the camera widget.
  10. To export an important video archive, select the item in the report pane, and then click Export ().