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Simple Host is a WCF service in Genetec Patroller™ that allows an external third party application to retrieve hits and reads, in an XML format, from the Genetec Patroller™. It also allows to push New Wanted entries to the Genetec Patroller™.

What is the AutoVu Simple Host service?

Communication to the service is done through an Ethernet connection, and the service connection is configured using Microsoft Visual Studio.

About the contract

The Simple Host service uses .NET WCF to offer SOAP based access to the Genetec Patroller™ database. A contract is defined to identify the data access available to client applications.


[ServiceContract(Name="SimpleHost", Namespace="http://autovu.com")]
public interface ISimpleHostContract
  string GetLatestXGuidAndPlateNumber(int lastX);
  string GetHitData(Guid hitGuid);
  void AddNewWanted(string plateNumber, string plateState, 
                    int expirationDuration);
  List <Guid> GetReadIds(DateTime from, DateTime to);
  string GetReadData(Guid readGuid);
  void RaiseHit(Guid readGuid, string hitPlateNumber, 
                string hitPlateState, 
                string category, HitColorEnum hitColor, 
                string attributeKeyValuePairs);