Configuring wheel imaging settings in Genetec Patroller™ - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.6
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You can enter the required settings for Genetec Patroller™ to know when to grab wheel images from the tire cameras.

Before you begin

Measure the Tire cam-to-plate distance because this measurement is requirement for this procedure.

What you should know

The overtime settings on this screen still apply when you turn on Use tire images. For more information on these settings, see Configuring overtime settings.
NOTE: If you turn on Auto accept overtime hits, wheel images are available when reviewing accepted hits.


  1. Open Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool .
  2. Go to Operation > Overtime, turn on Use overtime, then turn on Use tire images.
  3. Configure the following:
    NOTE: You should only need to modify the Tire cam-to-plate distance parameter. The other settings should be adequate for any parking enforcement scenario.
    Wheel imaging enforced
    Select Mandatory or Optional from the drop-down list. If you select optional, Genetec Patroller™ users can enforce a hit without confirming wheel images.
    NOTE: Set this to Optional if you have enabled the Auto accept overtime hits setting.
    Tire cam-to-plate distance
    This distance tells Genetec Patroller™ how far to travel (after the initial plate read) before it starts grabbing wheel images.
    Maximum vehicle length
    Genetec Patroller™ will stop grabbing wheel images after it has travelled the Tire cam-to-plate distance + Maximum vehicle length.

    TIP: The distance you enter should be based on the general size of the vehicles in your patrol area. For example, vehicles in Europe tend to be smaller than in the United States.

    Distance travelled before saving
    When grabbing wheel images, this distance tells Genetec Patroller™ how often to grab an image. For example, the default 0.3 meters means that an image is grabbed every 30 centimeters.
  4. Click Apply.
    Wheel imaging calibration is now complete.


Here is an example of how all these settings work together:
  1. The Sharp reads a parked vehicle’s plate.
  2. After the Genetec Patroller™ vehicle travels 4 meters (if Tire cam-to-plate distance = 4), Genetec Patroller™ starts grabbing wheel images from the tire camera.
  3. Genetec Patroller™ grabs an image every 0.3 meters (if Distance travelled before saving = 0.3).
  4. Genetec Patroller™ keeps grabbing images until it travels 11 meters (if Maximum vehicle length = 11) past the initial read.

After you finish

Perform a road test to ensure that the wheel imaging configuration provides the expected results.