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If you need to monitor for overtime violations between one and five days, you can configure long-term overtime settings in Genetec Patroller™ and Security Center.

What you should know

  • Long-term overtime applies to AutoVu™ Genetec Patroller™ City Parking Enforcement with or without wheel imaging. The use of wheel-imaging cameras is recommended so that you can distinguish abandoned vehicles from cases where the vehicle owners park in the same spot every day.
  • A patrol vehicle can only be linked to one long-term overtime rule and cannot switch between long-term overtime rules. For example, if a city has three long-term overtime rules, it needs at least three patrol vehicles.
  • You can assign multiple patrol vehicles to a single long-term overtime rule. In this case, you can use Plate link to ensure that the reads are available to all patrol vehicles. For more information, see About Plate link.


  1. In Security Center Config Tool, create an overtime rule.
  2. In Security Center Config Tool, configure the overtime rule for your parking scenario.
    • In the Properties tab of the overtime rule, select Long term overtime.
      NOTE: The Parking enforcement option is automatically set to Same position, meaning the vehicle is in violation when it stays in the same parking space longer than the configured Number of days.
    • Set the Number of days that vehicles can park in the area to between 1 and 5 days.
    Long-term overtime settings in the overtime rule.
    • By default, reads are stored for 144 hours (6 days). This accounts for the maximum Number of days plus an additional day to patrol the zone for violations.
    • If you have previously changed the Store reads for value, you might need to modify the value to account for your long-term overtime zone. For more information, see Configuring Genetec Patroller™ database options.
      Genetec Patroller™ Advanced database settings window
  3. Configure overtime settings for the patrol vehicle. For more information, see Configuring overtime settings.
    • Go to Operation > Overtime and click Advanced.
      Genetec Patroller™ overtime Advanced button.
    • In the Advanced overtime settings window. Enter the name of the long-term overtime rule in the Preferred Long Term Overtime zone field.
      Genetec Patroller™ Advanced Overtime Settings window.
    • When a long-term overtime rule is configured, Link read persistence duration is ignored. The availability of license plate reads is controlled by the Number of days defined in the overtime rule settings in Security Center Config Tool. The setting is in one-day increments, therefore configuring a long-term overtime zone for a time period such as 36 hours is not possible.
    • If you only have one long-term overtime rule defined in Security Center Config Tool, you can leave the Preferred Long Term Overtime zone field blank.