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If license plate analytics such as vehicle type and color are enabled on the Sharp camera, you can choose which analytics to include in the license plate reads and hits sent to Security Center.

Before you begin

For analytics to be available in Genetec Patroller™, you must first enable the analytics in the Sharp Portal For more information, see Configuring Sharp analytics.


  1. Open Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.
  2. From the Cameras menu, select Analytics.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to move one or more selected Sharp analytics between the Ignored analytics fields or Displayed analytics fields lists.
    The following analytics are available:
    Confidence score
    The Sharp assigns a numerical value (from 0 to 100) to each license plate read. This value tells you how confident the Sharp is in the accuracy of the read. A value of 100 indicates the highest confidence. License plates that contain similar characters such as 8 and B are more difficult to read and generally produce reads with a lower confidence score.
    Certain license plates have sections that contain numbers or text that have a specific meaning. For example, a number that represents a city or a borough.
    The Sharp with the corresponding ALPR contexts can read these sections and display the result in the "Prefix" value.
    Relative motion
    The Sharp can detect if the vehicle is getting closer or moving away.
    NOTE: This analytic is generally not used with mobile Sharp units.
    Sharp cameras are able to estimate a vehicle’s approximate speed.
    For a mobile AutoVu™ installation, the Genetec Patroller™ vehicle must be stopped for this feature to work.
    NOTE: This analytic is generally not used with mobile Sharp units.
    Vehicle make
    Sharp cameras can recognize the make of certain vehicles, for example, Ford or Honda.
    NOTE: The Sharp must see the vehicle’s logo for this feature to work.
    Vehicle type from plate
    Certain license plates include character symbols that identify specific vehicle types, for example, taxi, transport, and so on. The Sharp can read these symbols from the ALPR image, and display the vehicle type along with the other read and hit information.
    Vehicle type
    Sharp cameras can detect the vehicle type based on the context image. The system can detect if the vehicle is a bus, passenger vehicle, motorcycle, pickup, truck, or a work van. If the vehicle type cannot be detected, the vehicle is flagged as "unknown".
    Vehicle color
    Sharp cameras can detect the vehicle color based on the context image. The system can detect black, white, blue, brown, green, gray, orange, red, and yellow. Colors are also assigned light, neutral, or dark according to the color analysis.
    NOTE: At night, only light, neutral, or dark are detected.
  4. Click Apply.