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To use overtime rules in City and University parking enforcement, you need to enable overtime and configure the overtime settings in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.

What you should know

For information on configuring tire images, see Configuring wheel imaging settings in Genetec Patroller™


  1. Open Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.
  2. Go to Operation > Overtime.
  3. Turn on Use overtime, then configure the following:
    Auto accept overtime hits
    Turn this on if you want Genetec Patroller™ to accept overtime hits with no user action. After the patrol vehicle has passed through the parking area, the operator can then review and enforce the hits.
    NOTE: With this feature enabled, the operator cannot manually edit the plate read before it is accepted.

    User workflow: Hit raised > Hit is verified against updated permit list > User enforces hit > Hit enforced

    Bypass overtime hit enforcement
    Turn this off if you want Genetec Patroller™ users to indicate whether or not they enforced the hit after accepting it. Turn it on to bypass enforcement. When turned on, Genetec Patroller™ automatically enforces hits after they are accepted.

    User workflow: Hit raised > User accepts hit > Hit enforced

    Auto enforce overtime hits
    Turn this on for Genetec Patroller™ to run in unattended mode. Hits are automatically accepted and enforced without requiring user interaction. Hit accept and hit reject surveys are ignored when this option is enabled.
    NOTE: The two operator functions (accepting and enforcing hits) are linked when you enable this setting.

    User workflow: Hit raised > Hit enforced

    Apply overtime rule to permit holders
    Turn this on for locations where parking access can be bought for a limited period. In this configuration, if a plate is read once and is not on the selected permit list, a hit will be generated. However, if it is on the list, no hit will be generated on the first read. The second read will determine if the time limit is exceeded and if a hit is generated. If this option is disabled, permit holders do not generate violations.
  4. Click Advanced.
    The Advanced overtime settings window is displayed.
  5. From the Advanced overtime settings window, configure the following:
    Link read persistence duration
    Enter the amount of time that a plate read stored in the Genetec Patroller™ database is considered to be a “time 1” read for a particular overtime rule.
    • When a long-term overtime rule is configured, the Link read persistence duration field is ignored. The availability of license plate reads is controlled by the Number of days defined in the overtime rule settings in Security Center Config Tool. For more information, see Configuring long-term overtime settings.
    • When using overtime rules with time range and a link persistence over 24 hours, overtime hit will not raise on different days.
    Minutes to due vehicles
    Enter the amount of time before the vehicles are due for enforcement. This value determines the Show Due functionality in Genetec Patroller™. The default value is 5 minutes.
    Preferred Long Term Overtime zone
    If you have more than one Long Term Overtime zone configured in Security Center, you must type the name of the zone you want Genetec Patroller™ to display, because you can only enforce one zone at a time. This value is not case sensitive.
    Same position tolerance
    This is a buffer used for “Same position” overtime rules. It is the distance that Genetec Patroller™ considers to be a single position or parking space.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Apply.
    Overtime rules are now enabled and configured in Genetec Patroller™.

After you finish

If you are using tire images, configure the wheel imaging settings.