Preparing to install Genetec Patroller™ - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide 6.6

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.6
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To make sure that your Genetec Patroller™ installation goes smoothly, you must perform a series of preconfiguration steps.

Before you begin

If Genetec Patroller™ is installed or upgraded by users who are not logged in as Windows administrators, you must ensure that these users have access rights to the Genetec Patroller™ installation folder. Note that the name of the folder changes with each major release.


  1. Read the Genetec Patroller™ Release Notes for any known issues and other information about the release.
  2. Check the Genetec Patroller™ system requirements.
  3. Check the SQL Express database requirements.
    The Genetec Patroller™ setup installs SQL Express 2014 which supports up to 10 GB of data for hotlists, permit applications, and overtime applications with wheel imaging.
    NOTE: License plate images are stored on the file system and they are excluded from the 10 GB limit.
    Best Practice: If you’re upgrading Genetec Patroller™ and you are still using SQL Express 2008 R2, you should let the Genetec Patroller™ setup program install SQL Express 2014.
  4. Disable the Windows User Account Control security option.
    NOTE: Not applicable to Genetec Patroller™ Standalone.
  5. (Windows 8.1) Enable Patroller clock synchronization with Security Center.
    NOTE: Not applicable to Genetec Patroller™ Standalone.