Measuring the Tire cam-to-plate distance in Genetec Patroller™ - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

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To determine when Genetec Patroller™ should start taking wheel images from the wheel-imaging camera, you must measure the distance between the wheel-imaging camera and the license plate. You need to be in the Genetec Patroller™ vehicle and parked next to a “target” vehicle to perform this procedure.

What you should know

This procedure is the same for parallel or 45-degree parking, but the distance is less for 45- degree parking because of the parked vehicle’s angle.


  1. Park the Genetec Patroller™ vehicle next to the target vehicle. Keep the engine running.
  2. Start Genetec Patroller™, then tap Video.
    The video window appears showing the available Sharps and tire cameras.
  3. Select the camera (if you have more than one) aimed at the target vehicle, then tap ALPR to see the ALPR camera’s feed
    The ALPR camera’s video feed appears.
  4. Put the Genetec Patroller™ vehicle in reverse, then slowly back up until you see the target vehicle’s entire plate in the ALPR video feed. Stop the vehicle.
  5. Using your tape measure, measure the parallel distance (in meters) from the wheel imaging camera’s field of view to the target vehicle’s license plate.
    Slowly back up the Patroller vehicle. When the entire plate is visible, measure the parallel distance to the tire camera. For 45-degree angled parking, the distance is less because of the parked vehicle’s angle.
  6. Write down the distance you measured.

After you finish

You will need to enter the distance in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool. The distance is used by Genetec Patroller™ to know when to start grabbing tire images after a plate read.