Upgrading Genetec Patroller™ - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

Genetec Patroller™ Administrator Guide 6.6

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This section explains how to upgrade Genetec Patroller™ on your in-vehicle computer.

Before you begin

  • Read the following Release Notes for any known issues and other information about the release:
    • AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes
    • Genetec Patroller™ Release Notes
    • Security Center Release Notes
  • Offload any remaining data in the Genetec Patroller™ database.
  • Close Genetec Patroller™ and Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.
  • If Genetec Patroller™ is installed or upgraded by users who are not logged in as Windows administrators, you must ensure that these users have access rights to the Genetec Patroller™ installation folder. Note that the name of the folder changes with each major release.
  • If you are running a 32-bit version of SQL Server on a 64-bit operating system, uninstall the 32-bit version of SQL Server and install the version packaged with the Genetec Patroller™ installer. This is necessary so that the system can enable FILESTREAM.

What you should know

Your configuration settings are carried over from the previous version.


  1. Run the Setup.exe in the root folder of the Genetec Patroller™ installation package.
  2. Select the language for the installer and click OK.
  3. A message is displayed indicating that an earlier version of Genetec Patroller™ is installed. Click OK to confirm the upgrade.
  4. Click Next to begin the upgrade, or click Cancel to stop the installation.
  5. Read and accept the License Agreement, and then click Next.
  6. Select the language for the Genetec Patroller™ interface and click Next.
  7. Select the default installation folder, and then click Next, or click Change to choose a different installation folder.
  8. On the Select Type page, select Complete or Custom installation.
  9. If performing a Custom installation, click the Component arrow to display a list of installation choices. Select a component in the list. Under Feature Description, the requirements for each component are displayed. To remove the component, click This feature will not be installed on local hard drive.
  10. To display the available space on the disk volumes of your machine, click Space.
  11. On the Database Server Selection page, do one of the following:
    • If an SQL database server is not already installed on the computer, select Install a new database server.

      This option will install Microsoft® SQL Server 2014 Express Edition and create a database instance called SQLEXPRESS.

    • If SQL database server is already installed on the computer, and you would like to use this database, select Use an existing SQL database server. In the Database Server list, select the existing SQL Server name.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Select your database server authentication method and click Next.
    Windows Authentication
    Only users with Windows administrator privileges on the Genetec Patroller™ computer will be able to access the Genetec Patroller™ database.
    SQL Server and Windows Authentication (mixed mode)
    This is the recommended authentication method. It allows users without Windows administrator privileges to access the Genetec Patroller™ database. Choose a Password for Genetec Patroller™ to access the database.
    NOTE: The password you choose, along with the username “PatrollerUserDB,” will be embedded in the Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool Connection string.
  14. On the Performance Enhancement page, it is recommended that you leave both check boxes selected and click Next.
  15. Allow the setup program to automatically create firewall rules and click Next. This opens required ports that Genetec Patroller™ needs to communicate with Security Center and the connected Sharp units.
  16. Click Install.
  17. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
  18. Upgrade the Genetec Patroller™ database:
    1. Start Genetec Patroller™.
    2. In the notification area on the Windows taskbar, right-click the Genetec Patroller™ icon, and then select Database > Drop and exit.

      The Drop Database window appears.

    3. Click Yes to delete the database.

      Genetec Patroller™ closes when the database is deleted. A new database will automatically be created the next time you start Genetec Patroller™.


The Genetec Patroller™ upgrade procedure is complete.

After you finish

  • If you did not allow the setup program to create firewall rules, open the default Patroller ports.
  • Upgrade Plate Reader on the mobile Sharp units (described in a separate document). For more information, contact your Genetec representative.
  • The following Genetec Patroller™ settings are reset to their factory defaults after upgrading:
    Genetec Patroller™ window behavior
    The Genetec Patroller™ window’s initial size, position, and state (normal, minimized, maximized) are reset. You re-size and re-position the window manually, and you configure the window’s state from the User interface section in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.
    Map rotation behavior
    The option to have the Genetec Patroller™ icon or the map rotate with vehicle movement is reset. You can configure this setting from Patroller’s Options tab.
    Main window display
    The option to display the map or the vehicle’s context image in the Genetec Patroller™ main window is reset. You can configure this setting by clicking the thumbnail map or image in the Genetec Patroller™ information panel.
    Initial GPS position
    The Patroller’s initial GPS position is reset. This will automatically be adjusted as the Genetec Patroller™ vehicle starts moving.
    MLPI Selection type
    (Mobile License Plate Inventory only) The way you patrol a parking facility in MLPI is reset. You can choose between Route or Configuration when selecting a parking facility in Genetec Patroller™.
    Genetec Patroller™ location display
    How Genetec Patroller™ displays the vehicle’s current location is reset. You can tap the address in the notification bar at the top of the Genetec Patroller™ window to toggle between displaying the reverse-geocoded address or GPS coordinates.
  • You can refer to your old Genetec Patroller™ configuration files to update the current Genetec Patroller™ settings. The files are located on the in-vehicle computer at the default location C:\Program Files\Genetec AutoVu X.Y\MobileClient\OldConfigFiles. The configuration files from the earlier versions remain in their original directory.
  • If you’re using maps, you’ll need to install and configure BeNomad maps because MapInfo is no longer supported.