Enabling Genetec Patroller™ GPS settings - Genetec Patroller™ 6.6

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If you are using Genetec Patroller™ with GPS, you need to configure the related settings in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool. These settings apply to the USB GPS that connects directly to the in-vehicle computer.


  1. Open Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.
  2. Go to Navigation > Equipment.

  3. From the Equipment type list select External GPS, and then configure the following:
    Click in the field to open the Select device dialog box. Choose the appropriate USB device and click OK > Apply.
  4. Click Advanced and configure the following:
    Baud rate
    The speed of the GPS communications channel (serial port). The default value is 9600, but some USB GPS devices require a reduced speed of 4800. For example, if you are using the USB GPS antenna that connects to the in-vehicle computer (model number BU-353), the baud rate value is automatically set to 4800.
    (Optional) Force port
    Turn this option on when you want to make sure that Genetec Patroller™ uses the port configured in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool. This is useful when you are using two USB GPS devices and you want to prevent Genetec Patroller™ from automatically switching to the other GPS port if it cannot detect the GPS port specified in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool.
    When the GPS is configured the port is automatically detected by Patroller during startup.
    GPS initialization string
    Displays the initialization commands to be sent to the GPS device when you log on to the application.
    IMPORTANT: Do not modify. This is the default firmware setting.
    Consecutive invalid strings before restart
    Specify the number of consecutive invalid GPS strings allowed before the device is restarted. Invalid GPS strings happen when the GPS signal can't be detected. The default number is 10.
    IMPORTANT: You should not need to change this setting.
    Specify the noise value. If the distance from 0,0 to the GPS position is less than the value you define, no GPS event is generated. The default noise value is 5.
    IMPORTANT: You should not need to change this setting.
  5. Turn Read when car is stopped on if you want to continue reading plates when the patrol vehicle is stopped.
    When doing parking enforcement, Genetec Patroller™ vehicles may stop and reverse frequently.
  6. Click Apply.


The GPS settings for Genetec Patroller™ are configured.