Known issues in the Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension 5.0.0 - Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0

Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol Extension Guide 5.0.0

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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol 5.0.0
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Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol

The Genetec™ Intrusion Protocol extension 5.0.0 includes the following known issues.

Issue Description
2971257 Deleting a cardholder group that is in the process of being pushed to a panel will cause all the users from that group to be marked as failed and be deleted from the panel.
2921291 If you add units after a failover occurs, the number of units is not updated when you failback to the main server.
Workaround: Deactivate and then reactivate the Intrusion Manager role.
2822429 Users who are not pushed to the panel because they are part of an excluded group still have the push status Succeeded, even though they are not pushed to the panel.
2804159 In Config Tool, it is possible to navigate away from a page while you still have pending changes without being warned that you might lose your changes.
2645719 If you are on a device page when you log out of the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge web page, and then delete the device in Config Tool, you will receive errors when you log back onto the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge web page, as the device no longer exists.
2620006 In Config Tool, the following device pages automatically refresh when you click on them: Properties, Intrusion detection area, Intrusion inputs, Intrusion outputs, Users.
2594993 If the authentication token is prevented from being refreshed on the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge web page, the user will be redirected to the login page.
2593584 If you change windows when enrolling a device, any information that you entered will be lost.
2542209 If the browser window is too narrow, the navigation at the top of the Genetec™ Intrusion Bridge page disappears.
Workaround: Widen the browser window.