Configuring paths for intrusion detection scenarios - KiwiVision™ 4.6.1 | Security Center

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KiwiVision™ 4.6.1 | Security Center
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You can configure paths to specify the direction of travel that you want to analyze.

What you should know

  • In Perimeter protection scenarios, paths are deactivated by default; the direction of travel is already specified by the placement of the source and alarm regions in the scene.
  • When the Activate paths option is disabled, all path settings are ignored.
NOTE: Depending on which scenario type you are configuring, some settings might be unavailable or hidden if Advanced mode is disabled.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Video task.
  2. From the area view, select a camera that you applied an analytics scenario to.
  3. Click Video analytics > Security monitoring, and then click the scenario you want to configure.
  4. Click the Paths tab.
  5. Click the path arrow indicating the direction of travel that you want to analyze in the video.
  6. Click and drag the white dots on the arrow to adjust its orientation.
  7. In the Paths section, set the Max. deviation.
    This option specifies the maximum angle that movement in the image can deviate from the configured path and still trigger an alert.
  8. Click Apply.