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This FAQ answers to common questions about the security of KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™.

  • Who is allowed to configure Privacy Protector™?

    We recommend that KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™ only be configured by staff trained by Genetec Inc. The training takes two days.

  • Who is allowed to configure the video management system?

    The customer determines who controls the VMS system. There are usually one or two administrators.

  • Who is allowed to load predefined, standard configurations?

    The customer determines who loads configurations. After loading a new configuration, the entire stream is pixelated for the duration of the Startup learning period.

  • Who can remove privacy protection from live and recorded video?

    Designated users with the Remove privacy protection privilege can remove privacy protection. For example, a security operator, on suspicion of unlawful activity, can remove protection for an investigation. Removing privacy protection is logged.

  • How long are the log files saved and who deletes these files?

    Privacy Protector™ log files can be exported to external media, or deleted. With standard settings, logs are not persisted. When using a trace logger with default settings, log messages are deleted automatically after seven days. Log files provide information on the state of Privacy Protector™ and each configuration change. Together with the user management and auditing features of Security Center, you can determine who made which changes.