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Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide

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There are some additional steps required when using the Dallmeier Panomera® Streaming Server III (PSS3) unit in Security Center.

The PSS3 unit behaves like a PTZ camera, and can only be controlled by one operator at a time. When using PTZ while in playback, PTZ functionality is locked by the user who initiates playback.

  • You can use the calendar command on the camera widget to view a preset sequence. In the camera widget, click Go to specific time (). The default is the last 15 days.
  • You can use PTZ functionality with live and playback stream.
  • To enable edge playback, go to Config Tool > Video > Archive > Resources > Advanced Settings and set Enable edge playback requests to ON.
  • For the best video quality, use H.264 (stream) in 1080 @ 25 FPS maximum.

    To add the unit to Security Center, select Dallmeier as the Manufacturer and PSS3 as the Product type.

The PSS3 has the following limitations:

  • Frame-by-frame playback, slow motion, and looping are not supported.
  • The maximum forward and reverse playback speed is 2x.
  • Recording on the Archiver is disabled and you will not have access to the following functionality: quick search, video export, and synchronized tile playback.
  • When you select a sequence to play back in Security Desk, the time displayed is the actual time of the system, not the time the sequence recorded.