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Restricted Security Area Surveillance

The RSA Surveillance plugin has a built-in feature that automatically tracks a target the moment it enters an armed RSA zone, using the best camera configured for the zone, even fixed cameras.

What is auto-tracking?

Auto-tracking is the feature that automatically selects the best available camera to display a moving target, based on the cameras' field of view (FoV) and their distance to the target. The best camera is re-evaluated every time the target moves. This feature is only available with the Professional and Enterprise packages of the RSA Surveillance plugin.

Auto-tracking can be initiated by the user or the system:
A user can request the system to track a target by clicking it on a map. The system selects the camera closest to the target from all cameras represented on the map that have the target in their FoV. Auto-tracking stops when the target is acknowledged or when the user clicks another target. The zone does not need to be armed and auto-tracking does not need to be turned on for user-initiated auto-tracking to work.
The system automatically starts tracking a target when it enters an armed RSA zone. Only cameras configured for the RSA zone are considered. If the system was tracking another target in the zone, the old target is dropped in favor of the new one.
For the system to automatically track a target, the following conditions must be met:
  • Auto-tracking is turned on for the RSA zone.
  • The RSA zone is armed.
  • The threat category of the target (Friend, Undefined, Hostile) is not among the categories that the zone is configured to ignore.
  • The type of target (Unknown, Animal, Person, and so on) is not among the types that the zone is configured to ignore.

How does the system select the best camera?

A camera must be online and have a FoV configured on the map where the target is shown to be used for auto-tracking. The system selects the best camera based on the following algorithm:
  • The camera closest to the target that can see the target in its FoV is selected. The system takes into account the walls configured on the map that can block the cameras' FoV.
  • If the best camera is a PTZ camera, the system pans the camera so the target is centered in the camera's FoV and adjusts the camera's zoom level to be as close as possible to the Auto-zoom setting configured for the RSA Surveillance plugin.
  • If the best PTZ camera is locked by another user, the system uses the second closest camera.
  • If none of the eligible cameras can see the target, the system displays the first online camera in the camera list that is configured for the RSA zone.


If you want to enable the RSA Surveillance auto-tracking, you must disable the native auto-tracking feature on your tracking systems if you are importing the PTZ cameras from them.