Configuring unit-wide parameters for Synergis Cloud Link units - Synergis Cloud Link 2.0.4

Synergis™ Cloud Link Administrator Guide 2.0.4

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Synergis Cloud Link 2.0.4
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Synergis Cloud Link

Most interface module behavior is common to all interface modules connected to the same Synergis™ Cloud Link unit. You can configure these unit-wide settings on the Unit-wide parameters page of the Synergis™ Appliance Portal.


  1. Log on to the Synergis Cloud Link unit.
  2. Click Configuration > Unit-wide parameters.
    Unit-wide parameters page in the Synergis™ Appliance Portal.
  3. In the Area configuration section, configure the following options:
    Interlock setting
    An interlock is a system with multiple doors where only one door can be opened at any time. You have two options:
    Single door open
    The moment one door is open, immediately lock all other doors.
    Single door unlock
    Only unlock one door at any given time.
    Operators can unlock doors regardless of interlock state
    Allow doors to be manually unlocked using the Unlock button in the Door widget, even when the doors should be locked because of interlock. You can use this setting with either of the interlock settings, Single door unlock or Single door open.

    This setting must be configured for each Synergis Cloud Link unit that controls doors configured in an interlock, and changing this setting requires a software restart.

    NOTE: This setting is not supported with Synergis™ IX integrations, and is ignored when used in conjunction with any of the following native Mercury capabilities:
    • Antipassback
    • Max occupancy
    • Interlock
    Automatically reset people count
    Reset people count daily or weekly. Disabled by default.
  4. In the Credential configuration section, configure the following options:
    Reader setting
    Applies to Card and PIN readers only. You have two options:
    Card or PIN
    Either the card or the PIN can be used to grant access.
    Card only
    Only the card is used to grant access.
    NOTE: To enforce Card and PIN mode so that both the card and the PIN are used to gain access, you must configure the reader settings in Config Tool. Card and PIN mode only works during the reader schedule. Outside of the reader schedule, the reader behaves in either Card only or Card or PIN mode, depending on the reader settings configured in the Synergis™ Appliance Portal.
    Maximum PIN length
    Applies to interface modules that support option-00 readers. The Synergis unit will process the PIN being entered the moment it reaches the maximum number of digits, without waiting for the ‘#’ key.
    NOTE: Not all integrations support this feature. For more information, see the Synergis™ Softwire Integration Guide.
  5. In the Output controls section, configure the following options:
    Disable output controls
    Click to disable the ability to change output states from the I/O diagnostics page of the Synergis™ Appliance Portal.
  6. Click Save.


All changes take effect after a software restart.