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You can add Mobotix cameras to client accounts.

Before you begin

  • Complete the prerequisite steps.
  • Make sure that nobody is modifying the camera settings, either on the camera itself or through the camera manufacturer's web page.

What you should know

Depending on your account type, you might be limited to the number of cameras that you can add. If you receive a message to that effect, contact the Stratocast™ sales team for more information.


  1. Log on to Stratocast™ using your integrator credentials.
  2. From the Client Accounts page, click in the Number of devices column.
  3. Click Enroll a device and select the type of device. Enter the following and then click Next:
    The name of your device, as identified on the customer’s Devices page. If there are many devices, enter a name that is easy to recognize and find.
    Time zone
    The time zone that the video unit is installed in.
    The device manufacturer.
    Tip: Make sure you select the Mobotix manufacturer.
  4. In the Authenticate video unit window, enter the camera's MAC address, then click Next.
    Tip: You can retrieve the MAC address information from the Camera's web page, from the sticker on the camera box, or from the sticker located on the camera.
    Wait a few minutes for Stratocast™ to create an activation code.
  5. Copy the activation code.
  6. In a Web browser, return to the camera's registration page, and click Start Activation.
    Tip: You can reopen the page using the URL https://<IP Address>/Stratocast.
    1. Paste in the activation code, and click Activate.
      The process is complete when the Activation is Completed message is displayed.
  7. After the camera has connected to Stratocast™, the Enroll a device window is displayed. Choose a subscription plan and click Next. You can choose any of the 3 plans listed.
    1. Configure the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.
      Tip: If you are unsure which settings to use, choose the maximum available for each setting.
    2. Click Enroll.
      The camera starts recording to Stratocast™.