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Account privileges, such as the number of cameras that you are allowed to add, are defined by the account type that you have been assigned.

Account types are assigned based on how you intend to use Stratocast™. Genetec™ offers you the following types of accounts:
A production account makes you an authorized Stratocast™ partner and gives you access to all of the system's features. In production accounts, you can add an unlimited number of cameras, and you are charged based on the chosen camera plan for each camera within your system. To request a production account, contact your Stratocast™ sales representative.
A demo account is a separate, free account that is included with your production account. A demo account allows you to test your production system and promote Stratocast™ to potential clients. You can add a maximum of four cameras in a demo account. You are eligible for a demo account only once you have a production account.
IMPORTANT: Because demo accounts are included with your production account, be careful not to confuse one for the other and add cameras that are intended for your demo account into your production account. If you do add your cameras to the wrong account, remove them from that account, switch accounts to the correct one, and then add your cameras.
You can use a trial account to try Stratocast™ for 90 days. In trial accounts, access is free you can add a maximum of four cameras. This type of account is useful when deciding on whether to sell Stratocast™ to your clients.

Account comparison

  Production Demo Trial
Maximum number of cameras allowed Unlimited Four Four
Cost As per individual camera plan Free Free
Account admissibility Upon authorization Only with active production account Upon request
Account duration No end date No end date 90 days