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If you are experiencing problems with your camera and it is not responding, you can restart your camera without affecting its current settings.

What you should know

Restarting your camera is different than restoring. Some camera manufacturers include a restore function, which typically resets most camera settings to their factory-set values. Restarting is less consequential. You can restart your camera whenever the camera is not responding as expected; for example, you are experiencing problems with the live video feed, you cannot modify your camera settings, or you cannot format your camera’s memory card.

If you restart a camera that is connected to a video encoder that has multiple cameras connected to it, all cameras that are connected to that same video encoder are restarted automatically.


  1. Click Clients and then, from the Number of devices column, click the client account that the camera is added to.
  2. On the client's Devices page, click the camera that you want to restart. If you have difficulty finding the camera, you can search for it by using the Search box.
  3. Click Restart camera.
    The State field changes to Restarting camera, and then to Enrolled once the camera has restarted.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.

After you finish

Once restarted, try to perform the task that you were performing before restarting your camera. If the camera still does not respond, try restarting your camera again before contacting Stratocast™ support.
NOTE: After restarting your camera, wait a few minutes for the camera to re-establish network connection. If restarting cameras that are connected to a video encoder, it might take a little longer for all of the cameras that are connected to that encoder to re-establish network connection.