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Stratocast™ Integrator Guide


The Federation™ feature joins multiple, independent Genetec™ IP security systems into a single virtual system. With this feature, Security Center users can view and control entities that belong to remote systems, directly from their local Security Center system.

How it works in Stratocast™

In Stratocast™, you can use a Security CenterFederation™ role to connect your Stratocast™ cameras to a Security Center system. For example, as shown in the following image, the two client cameras that are connected to Stratocast™ are being federated to the Security Center server through the Federation™ role, and appear on the client's local installation of Security Desk.

Federating Stratocast™ cameras

You can add an unlimited number of Federation™ users per client account. From their local version of Security Desk, clients that are assigned as Federation™ users can do the following with their cameras:
  • View live and playback video
  • Add bookmarks
  • Start and stop video recording
  • Export video
  • Control their PTZ cameras
IMPORTANT: When exporting video in a federated system, the exported video file is stored on the client's local system, not in the Stratocast™ vault. Only video that is exported in Stratocast™ gets stored in the vault.