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Si vous souhaitez que certains événements qui surviennent déclenchent automatiquement une action, comme une alarme sonore ou l’enregistrement par une caméra, vous pouvez utiliser le mécanisme événement-action.

À savoir

Une association événement-action relie une action à un événement particulier. Par exemple, vous pouvez configurer Security Center pour déclencher une alarme en cas de porte forcée.


  1. Open the System task, and click the General settings view.
  2. Go to the Actions page.
  3. (Optional) From the Domain list, select a subject domain.
    Selecting a domain limits the configured actions displayed on this page to the ones associated to an event in that domain. The same filter also applies to all subsequent event selection drop-down lists.

    You can select the following domains:

    • All
    • Access control
    • ALPR
    • Intrusion detection
    • Video
  4. Click Add an item ().
  5. From the When list in the Event-to-action dialog box, select an event type.
    1. (Optional: ALPR only) If you select License plate read, you can specify a condition for LicensePlateRead events.
    2. (Optional: Custom events only) If you select a custom event, you can specify a text string in the and field, which must be included in the macro that triggers the event-to-action.
  6. In the From option, click Any entity, and then select an entity that triggers the event.
    By default, the event-to-action occurs when any entity triggers the event type you select. If you select a specific entity, you might have to set other parameters. For example, if you select a door, you must also select a door side.
  7. From the Action list, select an action type and configure its parameters.
    For example, if you select the Send an email action, you can create an email template message that can include fields that are related to the report or event. In this case, using the {CardholderName} field, you could create the message: Unauthorized access attempt by {CardholderName} .
  8. In the Effective option, click Always, and select a schedule when this event-to-action is active.
    If the event occurs outside of the defined schedule, the action is not triggered. For example, you might want to sound an alarm only when a window is opened during the weekend. By default, Always is selected.
  9. (Optional) Enable the Use source time zone option to configure the schedule's start and end using the time zone of the source entity's server.
    REMARQUE : This option is only available for cameras, video units, access control units, and doors.
  10. Click Save.
    The Save button is only available when all the arguments required by the event-to-action type are specified.


Une nouvelle association événement-action est ajoutée à la liste des actions système.