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You can use the intrusion detection overview to monitor intrusion detection entities that require your attention. For example, an intrusion detection area in an active alarm state or an input pin in a trouble state. You can pin the overview in Security Desk to be visible at all times.

Notification tray icon

The intrusion detection overview must be enabled in the Security Desk options to be accessible from the notification tray.

When the overview is enabled, the intrusion detection icon () is displayed in the notification tray. You must click the icon to initialize the overview. After it is initialized, the number of entities with issues is indicated on the notification badge, color-coded by level of importance: red for high importance, and yellow for moderate importance.
NOTE: The badge only displays the number of entities with the highest level of importance in the list. For example, if there are two high-importance issues and one moderate-importance issue, the badge only displays the number of high-importance issues ().

Intrusion detection overview pane

Clicking the notification tray icon displays a list of the intrusion detection entities in the system that require your attention. The entities you can monitor include intrusion detection areas, units, and inputs. The entity list can be pinned to be visible from any task you are working in.

Commands from the overview

Depending on the entity type, different commands are available by right-clicking the entity in the list. If the entity is on a map, you can double-click it in the list to open a dialog box showing the entity on the map.