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If you need many card credentials in your access control system, you can enroll multiple credentials simultaneously by entering the card format and data manually.

Before you begin

You must know the exact range of values represented in the card data. Because the cards are not presented to a reader, the application cannot validate them.

Ensure that this is the correct enrollment method you require.

What you should know

All credentials you enroll must be new to your Security Center system. Any previously enrolled credential is discarded because the same credential cannot be enrolled twice in Security Center. Only a maximum of 5000 credentials can be created at once.


  1. In the Credential management task, click Batch enrollment.
  2. Click the Manual entry tab.
  3. From the Card format list, select the card format used by the credentials you want to enroll.
    This option determines the data fields you must enter, and the range of values that they can have.
  4. In the Facility code and Card number fields, enter the starting and ending values for the card numbers.
    The Card number field is used as a sequence generator.
    NOTE: If the specified Card number range contains more than 5000 values, the end value is automatically adjusted to be the start value plus 5000.
  5. In the Credential prefix section, enter the pattern for the enrolled credential names.
  6. In the Credential status section, set the status, activation date, and expiration date for the credentials:
    All possible values are accepted.
    Can be Never, or a specific date.
    Set an expiration for the credential:
    The credential never expires.
    Specific date
    The credential expires on a specific date and time.
    Set expiration on first use
    The credential expires after a specified number of days after the first use.
    When not used
    The credential expires when it has not been used for a specified number of days.
  7. In the Advanced section, select the partition the enrolled credentials belong to.
    This field determines which users can view and modify the credentials.
    • To add a partition, click Add ().
    • To remove a partition, select the partition, and then click Remove ().
  8. From the Badge template list, select the default badge template used to represent the credential.
  9. In the Custom fields section, set the default values for the custom fields.
    This section is only available if custom fields have been created for credentials.
  10. Click Enroll.
    The credentials you are going to create are listed in the Generated credentials section. Any already enrolled credentials are discarded and marked as rejected in the list with a red button.

  11. To remove a discarded credential from the list, select it, and then click .
  12. Click Enroll.