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If you have a large access control system and cannot find a credential, you can search for it by name, or use the advanced search by applying a combination of filters.


  1. From the home page, open the Credential management task.
  2. To search by an entity name, type the name in the Search () box.
    All entities with names that match the text you entered are listed.
  3. To search for the entity using the advanced search:
    1. In the left pane, click Advanced search.
    2. Set up the query filters for the report. Choose from one or more of the following filters:
      Restrict the search to entries that contain this text string.
      Partition that the entity is a member of.
      The status of the cardholder or visitor’s profile: Active, Expired, Inactive, Lost, Stolen.
      Unused credentials
      Search for credentials that have not produced an access granted event within a certain time range.
      NOTE: For the report to generate results, all Access Manager roles must be active and online.
      Specify whether or not the credential is assigned.
      Restrict the search to specific cardholders, cardholder groups, or visitors.
      Expiration date
      Specify a time range during which the credential expires.
      Credential information
      Restrict the search to specific card formats, facility codes, card numbers, or license plates.
    3. Click Search.


The credentials that match your search criteria are displayed on screen.